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Chaste Single Life

The chaste single life, also known as the consecrated single life, is a vocation whereby God calls a particular person to remain single for their entire life. These single people live out their vocation by representing Christ wherever they are at and in whatever profession they are in. The Catholic Church recognizes that single people do a great deal of good for the Church in a way that a religious or a married person cannot. Since they are not bound to particular commitments, vows, or various obligations as a religious or married person are, single people have a certain flexibility and freedom to serve the Church and proclaim the Gospel in accord with their state of life. 

For instance, since a single person do not have a spouse or children of their own, they may have more time to care for their aging parents or family members who needs special assistance. They also have more time to assist others who are in need. They can be great mentors and teachers for those within their parish community. Their spiritual life consists of more time in study, prayer, and worship. 


There are some single people who take a public vow of chastity, these are single women who are consecrated as virgins. Sometimes they enter secular institutes or particular Catholic associations in order to live our their single life in a particular way or manner, i.e. charity work, life of prayer, fulfilling various services for the church, etc. 

There are some people who are in this single vocation for a short time and is eventually called to the vocation of married life or religious life. This may be due to the fact that one's state of life, as a single person, is because of one's age, lack of social interaction, work life, and various external factors. That is why this state of life can be considered as an "anticipatory" state in which all Christians are called to at one point in their life. 

How Do You Know You Are Called?

As with any vocation, the single life is a call to holiness whereby a person brings Christ to others by the way they live their life. How a person begins to discern this vocation to the chaste single life is by asking yourself these questions:

God's Will

  • Do you know God's will for you and are you open to His will?

  • Have you spent time in prayer discerning God's will?

  • Have you spoken to a Priest about God's will for you?


  • Why do you feel called to discern this vocation at this time in your life?

  • Do you feel called to dedicate yourself to God and the church as a single person?

  • How do you feel God is calling you to live out your call to chaste single life?

Spiritual life

  • How is your relationship with God?

  • Do you have a regular prayer life?

  • Do you go to Mass often and receive the sacrament of reconciliation frequently?

  • Do you have a desire to love God and His people?

  • How do you see yourself serving God and His Church as a single person?

  • What are some of your gifts and talents that you want to share to God's people?






Read this book to learn:

  • Why dedicated single life is uniquely suited to our times

  • How it builds on our baptismal vocations

  • The special role that dedicated singles have in the Church

  • How the dedicated-single vocation complements marriage and religious life

  • How celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom yields a fruitful spousal relationship with Christ

  • How dedicated singles can follow the evangelical counsels of obedience and poverty without the structured life of a religious community

  • The vows that singles can take to dedicate themselves to such service of God within the world


Single and Catholic


Living the single life – and choosing to live it in accord with our Catholic Faith – is no easy task. In these pages, author Judy Keane gives you guidance and encouragement as you find purpose and meaning in the life God has given you. More than learning to find a spouse, you will learn how to use your time in the single life to make something beautiful for God.

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