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A Spiritual and Psychological Approach

The Vocations Office is  starting a pilot program called, The Augustine Way, which is a guide, published by the Vianney Vocations, to assist anyone who is struggling with unhealthy sexual behavior, such a pornography and masturbation.


The Augustine Way is a proven pathway to sexual purity that was developed in a seminary setting, tested over several years, and refined into a 12-session group program. Its focus is on helping participants grow in chastity and break the habits of pornography and masturbation, using both spiritual and psychological principles.


What distinguishes The Augustine Way from other programs is the integration of scientific, psychological principles of habit change. It focuses heavily on what actually works to change human behavior. At the same time, it also draws from the deep well of Catholic asceticism and spirituality.


For example, while participants encounter the Catechism’s teaching about sexuality, and are encouraged to take up new devotions in their fight for chastity, they will also learn to recognize behavioral cues, understand dopamine cycles, and practice physical techniques to overcome cravings.


  1. Configure us more closely to Christ.

  2. Encourage us to cooperate with God’s grace.

  3. Provide us with knowledge and skills to pursue chastity.


  • Groups of 8-10 participants (*Men and Women separate)

  • 12 meetings over 6-8 months

  • Robust 200 page handbook (*Participants must purchase)

  • Group Discussion and Study

  • Personal assessments and exercises

  • Accountability partners

  • Prayer and spiritual direction


Program Goals

Program Format/Details

Forest Road

Register Today

*The program enrollment is free of charge. The only thing the participants will have to purchase is the book, at the cost of $38.00.  Right now we are only accepting single men and women Ages 18-30.

*Register by March 6, 2023 - Space Limited

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