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Come and join us!

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Faith. Music. Art.

A new annual social event promoting faith, music, and art while growing relationships between people of our diocese! 

Sign up and register to come to a night full of fun, excitement, good food, drinks, and great vibes!

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Ruach: just breathe.

Ruach events focus on the internal healing one may need to develop a closer relationship with God. Through are busy lives, we forget to give our mind body and spirits to the one who gave us breath. 

At these events we focus on worship, meditation, surrender, and community. Through these pillars, we exercise our ability to just be, to feel the wind, the breath, and the spirit of God. We aim to heal within to go beyond, and share the goodness of God.

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Other Events

We are continuously working hard to provide you all with events and opportunities to grow with Christ. Our seasonal events are open to families, young adults, and anyone who is looking for some Christ Filled fun during Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter.

Continue to keep a watch out for upcoming events and please join us!


Quo Vadis

Youth Discernment Retreat

Let your youth start their discernment journey at our retreat. Let us help them grow closer to God, stronger in their faith, and a true understanding of what God is calling them towards!



New Discernment Program

We're launching a new initiative for men discerning priesthood: the D180 program. This innovative program, crafted by Fr. Greg Gerhart, Vocations Director of the Diocese of Austin, TX, offers a 180-day journey for discerning the priesthood. Inspired by the structure of the well-known spiritual exercise program "Exodus 90," D180 is both accessible and flexible.

Here’s How It Works:


- Easy Access: Sign up is straightforward and FREE. Just visit click on “Get Started.” 

- Convenient: The program can be accessed from anywhere using a computer or phone, allowing participants to engage at their own pace and comfort. (They can start the program any time! No need to wait.)


Join Our Community:

- QR Code for Quick Registration: The flyer includes a QR code for easy registration. Just scan, follow the instructions, and we'll take care of the rest.

- Monthly Meetings: We encourage interested individuals to also register with our Diocese. We'll be hosting monthly in-person gatherings for mutual support and guidance. These sessions, led by Fr. Hau Vu, our Vocations Director, will be invaluable for fellowship and spiritual direction.


This is a wonderful and new opportunity to support those discerning their call to priesthood, and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (909) 783-1305 or via email at

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